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Automatic Jet Speed Hand Dryer
Model: AKD-3200
Class: High Speed Hand Dryer


Model No.:AKD-3200
Power:220V~240V or 100V~130V
Rated power:950W
Sensing distance:12+/-3cm
The temperature of hot air:35~50'C
Drying time:5~9seconds
Airflow rate:95m/s
Products dimension:245*177*470 mm

Functional characteristics:
1.Equipped with full automatic infrared ray induction system and advanced chip controlled technology,it has more steady performance and precise controlling effect.with novel appearance and smooth lines due to professional design.fashionable style due to film screen technology and double color matching,it makes the best combination of the individuation and fashion style.
2.With high-speed motor for special purpose.Guards against the vibration and low noise design,it is high efficient,and only needs 5~9 seconds to dry hands.
3.With imported engineering plastic and metallic paint,it is firm,durable,beautiful and shining.
4.With multi-protection for over temperature,over currency and over time,it is more safe.
5.Easy installation and operation.

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