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Dual Air Injection Hand Dryer(Porcelain white)
Model: AKD-1550H(PorcelainWhite)
Class: Dual Jet Hand Dryer


Technical Data:
Model No.:AKD-1550H
Voltage:220V~240V or 100V~130V
Power:650W+(1350W Smart heat)
Time:5~6 S
Control:Microcomputer control

1.It takes only 5~7seconds to dry your hands with the ultra fast airflow at 95m/s.
2.The unit's unique drain tank design also keeps water from dripping onto the floor and avoids a mess.
3.Its elegant design enhances the quality of the environment in which it's installed.
4.The unit's "Infrared Sensor Design" makes sure your hands don't come into contact with any surface when drying.
5.The hand drying area,drain tank,and even drain hose have all been antimicrobial treated for better sanitation,the nonflammable material avoid any accidents.
6.Self protection-To prevent overusing the unit,the built-in timer will stop the unit after 25 seconds.To continuous use,draw back your hands and put them in again.
7.Current protection-If the current is overrun the unit will stop working until the malfunction is eliminated.
8.Temperature protection-If any key part is not in good condition because of the high temperature around the unit will stop working until the malfunction is eliminated.
9.Short circuits protection-The control system will stop working once short circuit happens.
10.Electromotor protection- If the electromotor or the fans can't work because of sundries the control system will stop working until the malfunction is eliminated.

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