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Benefits of an Automatic Soap Dispenser
Update: 2012-2-14

        If you have been to a public restroom before, you must have seen a soap dispenser. Using this device for only a time gives you an idea of its varied benefits. With an automatic soap dispenser, you get twice the benefits provided by its manual counterpart.
        As an owner of a commercial establishment, you must consider giving up your manual soap dispenser for an automatic one. Here are the basic reasons behind the major switch:
* Using an automatic soap dispenser is more hygienic.
        Sanitation is a major concern you must prioritize as a commercial establishment owner. With a manual soap dispenser, customers still touch the pump or button to get soap. This defeats the purpose of cleaning their hands as germs can still be transmitted through contact with the button or pump. In addition to this, your employees themselves are not protected since they most likely use the same device to clean their hands. This has the potential to create bigger problems if you own a food establishment.
        In contrast, an automatic soap dispenser does not have to be touched for it to dispense liquid. It usually operates with batteries and dispenses liquid once it senses motion under it.
* An automatic soap dispenser is more economical to use.
        An automatic soap dispenser can be preset to dispense only a certain amount of liquid preferred by each individual. This kind of system saves you money over time since less soap is used and wasted. Adjustments on the amount of soap dispensed by the device can usually be done with the use of an adjustable wheel at its rear part.
* Using an automatic soap dispenser is more convenient.
        An automatic soap dispenser is definitely more convenient to use since you simply have to bring your hands under it and wait for the liquid to pour on your hands. This saves customers and employees time and effort.

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