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Automatic Soap Dispenser Advantage
Update: 2012-2-14

Lavatory mounted, mounted in the counter, automatic soap dispenser can  provide a clean architectural look and easily accessed.  A lavatory mounted automatic soap dispenser is both battery and A/C powered.  The power supply and reservoir is hidden under the counter.

The advantage to using an automatic soap dispenser in restrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, and hotels is three fold; convenience , conservation, and in particular sanitation.

  • Accessibility – As widespread as other touch free technologies are, people look for  an automatic soap dispenser but find manual dispensers instead.  Becoming rather accustomed to having this accessibility, customers look for touchless dispensers when ever  possible.

  • Economy,– An automatic soap dispenser leads to economyand therefore saves you money because the amount of soap distributed can be controlled.  This type of dispenser can allow you to control how much soap is released each time and giving your your visitors a more precise amount of soap than dispensed with standard recessed soap dispensers.

  • Hygiene– The number of visitors to a restroom means that keeping surfaces, handles and dispensers clean is problematic at best.  If you install a countertop mounted automatic soap dispenser your patrons will not need to touch the dispenser with their hands in order to get  soap.  With an automatic or touch free soap dispenser, your customers will no longer need to touch the same surface that hundreds of others have touched after using the restroom.


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